Claustrophilia was a pure H.N.W. label | Now open to other forms of sound

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Here we have a couplet of harsh noise wall releases from Italy's hyper-obscure Claustrophilia label, run by the very amiable Lorenzo Nascitari. Stoned To Death's 'All Earth' boulders around in low-frequencies over its stately duration, skirting ear-shattering malevolence for a hollowed-out and ominous approach. Nine minute "Term Death" sounds like wind rushing against a ratty old tape recorder mic, while "Rock 'n' Roll" boils down the rock genre into a resentful stock of pedal feedback. I suppose this isn't quite HNW in a traditional sense, since the kernels of harsh noise don't vibrate at quite the same frequency throughout, but it's an enveloping artifact of lo-lo-lo-fi guitar waste regardless.
Nar's 'What Lies Beaneth [sic] the Woods' -- limited to a beyond-scant fifteen copies -- comes replete with dried up old twigs and a solitary leaf, both housed in a DVD case. I suppose it's supposed to be very portentous, since we all know that only e-e-evil things live in the woods (let alone 'beaneth' them), though the proceedings are pretty matter-o'-fact. Nar's opus is a gristly seventy minute HNW that raises the abrasiveness quotient above Stoned to Death's refined rumble. In it, a meaty glob of generalized chaos bloodies the ears at an effectively constant rate. If you put your ear up to the hood, you can almost hear subterranean waves of feedback boiling and crashing against one another, though that may just be a false multiplicity that comes from listening to noise music for too long. A seventy minute harsh noise wall is a work of art on concept alone -- and, yes, I'm aware that about a million HNWs of this length come out each year -- but it's a treat to hold this thing in one's own hands.
vital weekly

Claustro012_HEARSE FETISH "the bound man"

Claustro011_VARRST "respect your colour"
 H.N. / H.N.W. from Joseph Gates (aka Vargwulf) USA

Claustro010_BÖRDEL NOÏR "la nuit gruille"
french HNW from deep catacombs
Claustro009_Truchsess "Quisling"
Canadian slow & profound H.N.W.

Claustro008_Ampconstrictor "Magmabuto"
HN/HNW project of italian disruptor Giovanni Torregrossa

HNW Collaboration Nascitari / Molestia Auricularum / Ruine / Nightmare Castle review:

Claustro006_Sada Abe
collaboration between Karkastix / Poseitrone / Nascitari

Claustro005_Carrion Black Pit "if these walls could talk"

Nascitari / Dead Perfection split
Coproduction with Murderabilia Records:

Claustro004_Nascitari/Placenta Lyposuction tape split C60
download link: Nascitari bandcamp

Claustro003_Ruine  "La tristesse durera toute la vie"
review hereMusiqueMachine

Claustro001_Nascitari "Noi eravamo come voi, voi sarete come noi"collaboration with the italian poet Andrea Leonessa offers a union between HNW and poetry

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